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Namrata Kalani, a fashion designer, and entrepreneur of India speaks about her love for fashion and everything creative, in conversation with  Aristha Meharwal and Padmini Singh.


Born and brought up in India, Namrata Kalani Bhutra is a Fashion Designer with a piqued interest in Women’s western wear. After pursuing her Bachelor’s in Fashion Design with a specialization in geometric paneling and color blocking from Pearl Academy, Jaipur, she explored freelancing and aimed to create a brand by applying real-time techniques in Branding that she learned from the School of Visual Arts in New York, US. Namrata loves colors and patterns right from the beginning and wants 'The Narration' to be known for this signature style in the future. Her experience of traveling 26 countries has helped her understand different markets and trends which sets her apart in creating international value to her work. 

  • How did you come up with the brand name 'The Narration' and what do you intend to narrate to

       your customers?

I wanted to tell my story and give it a personal touch. My intent is to be relatable to the people and bring my specialization in geometric paneling and color blocking to my customers. I want my brand to be an inspiration for others. To make others believe that whatever they like doing, it is possible. To narrate my story and life journey.

  • What inspired you to venture into the world of fashion?

My love for colors and patterns, I am a huge fan of western style fashion. I love fashion magazines and clothes always make me happy. I love to explore fashion designing in terms of colors, combinations, patterns, and styling. I used to style some of my friends during my college days and helped in picking color palettes for them for their design projects.

  •  How is your brand “THE NARRATION” different?

There are not many brands specializing in geometric paneling and color blocking. And each piece is tailored to the customer’s needs and customized accordingly. This makes us unique in western wear segment with an affordable price range.

IMG_6112 copy.jpg
  • Tell us about the women in your clothes.

That would be someone who is confident, modern, experimental and who likes to be very stylish. Women wearing our clothes can go to a corporate event, her office, or to a party. We also keep updating our styling series on our social media handles to show the versatility of our garments.

  • What is the change you want to bring in the fashion industry? And what is your favorite part of fashion?

To keep creating clothes which are very modern, bold, stunning, and also bringing in the idea of sustainability to do my bit for the environment and bring in change with time. My favorite part about fashion would be colors and patterns and being around fabrics. I love the colors and fabrics so much that I pick each one by myself.

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  • How do you envision your brand in the coming years?

I want to keep working, experimenting with colors and patterns. The idea is to reach different markets and create loyal customers. Someone who understands the essence of the brand and appreciate the amount of effort we put into each piece of our collection.

  • As a budding entrepreneur, what are the challenges you faced while setting up your own niche in

        the market?

As an entrepreneur, the main challenge is to know how to take care of everything from managing your finances to designing a collection and doing everything in a budget. Similarly, in the case of collaborations, we have to explore and see which ones are working for us. Basically, the best use of resources in a timely manner, be it money, fabrics or business traveling.

  • Who is your dream muse?

My dream muse is Maisie Williams. I really love her. She is my favorite character from Game of Thrones, playing Arya Stark. I totally admired her throughout the 8 seasons and her vibe is very quirky and fun. She is very stylish so I would love to dress her in a special geometrically paneled and color-blocked ensemble.

  • It is clearly visible that you are not limited to fashion, tell us something about the other creative aspects of your business?

I have done a Masters in branding and I incline more towards the creative side of it. So, I thought of taking it forward and introducing brand consultancy, brand building which diversified our work. I also have a penchant for photography and have extended our brand towards food/product styling & photography for different segments. It makes me really glad that our clients loved our work and helped us create our own portfolio. 

  • Lastly, while sipping a cup of latte with us, I am curious about the things that excite you apart from                  fashion, and entrepreneurship.

I believe in having a busy life. While I was in New York, I loved it there. It’s crowded and fast. In India,

I could relate to Mumbai as a city. I am someone who loves socializing and meeting new people. Envisioning my every day is super packed, I like that kind of life. Staying idle is not me. I like being busy and traveling around the world.

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