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By Sanjana Chakraborty


As tempting as it feels to stockpile your closet with the elaborative, fancy, sparkly sky high heels, it’s definitely not that tempting to slip on for accomplishing errands. YES! Having the best pair for your feet is absolutely essential to stand out but when practical life knocks, it’s better to sit back and rethink about your feet again.

There are only countable styles that actually possess the ability to befriend the practical life and ace the test of time. So, here are the top 10 must have shoes that are easy to style when you head out to rule your day.


A white or black sneaker is the ultimate friend you can get for your every outfit from classic A-line cuts to flowy summer dresses to your gender neutral rebel collection. These sneakers will effortlessly fit in every situation taking care of your feet when you decide to run errands or strike out fancy on your next get together.


There was a time not so very long ago when attending a special event in a pair of classic boots was a surefire way to flag yourself in front of your shiny-shoes peers. However, in unimagined ways, attitudes have transposed and shoes which were once considered as scruffy outliers have secured the gold standard position now. So, to bring the ancient charm back into life, opt for an ankle - heel - high pair you’re most comfortable in and pair it up with quite literally anything, from jeans and a T-shirt to a business-casual outfit for work.


The loafers act as an immediate fix, making your outfits look more sophisticated and put-together, while acting as a chicer alternative to a ballet flat. A classic black pair will be the best bet for newbies; and a pair in a fun color or print will be perfect for the loafers stockers to spice up their basics.

// Chiko


There’s no better way than reliving your old days of navy flip flops with the chic slide sandal that you can slip on any time the weather’s warm without giving much thought to it. Go playful with the designs and textures of the shoes while choosing your adult flip flops.

// Shein


Over-the-knee boots are like seasonal flowers that come and go, so choose a boot style that will be season-friendly. Boots that hit just beneath your knee can be paired with any seasonal dress. Opt for a pair either in leather or suede which will ensure the timeless grid and will be enough to be worn year in and year out.


No matter how much we blabber about comfort, we cannot strike out heels from our guilty pleasures list. Every woman has gone once or will go once, imagine herself in these edgy shoes parade and having a pair of heels that you can comfortably walk a mile will be a boon to your shoe closet. So, invest your bucks in a pair that you will really adore rather than a cheaper one to prevent yourself from buying more than wearing it.

// Kailo


Statement booties are a great pick for situations when you try to invest your floating knowledge to overcome fashion blocks. They make your outfit planning an ace adding that sizzler to your go to's and neutrals sprinkling that extra oomph to your normal plain-jane days.


When I say strappy sandals my mind responds ‘ELEGANCY’ in bold. If you want to bring out that feminine side of yours while saving your heels from the edgy heels, a good pair of strappy sandals will arguably be the most versatile pick for your warm weather collection. Pair them up with anything from denim shorts and a T-shirt to your go to wedding party dresses. They’re wearable, versatile, and will bring out the feminine charm in you undoubtedly.


Even if you aren't a heel girl, there will be events in your life when the thought of owning a heel crosses your mind and sometimes a great pair of nude heels on your shoe rack will not feel enough to spice up your neutral outfits. You don't want to give an impression of a high fashion model in the top and just "walk out of the bed" in the bottom. So handpick a pair of statement heels that will turn heads and make people realize that the little fashion freak in you is still alive.


For those lazy days when you listen to Bruno Mars’s "The Lazy Song" while walking your furry pet down the street, reaping every lick of your ice cold gelato, a pair of sporty casual sneakers is all you need to save your day. Colorful, printed, neutral, patterned or pure white pick whatever suits your vibe.

At The Narration, we style our ensembles with different types of shoes to show the versatility of the garments. We believe that the time we invest in creating the best pieces for you can only get fair justice if paired up with the right shoe. See below an example of how we have paired our geometrically paneled turquoise shirt with a brown slide sandal for a casual look, with a pointed black shoe for a formal look, and with neutral heels for an evening/formal look.

// Styling Series at The Narration

So, next time you head to buy new friends for your feet, keep this list in your mind and bring home shoes that effortlessly fit your soles.

Happy Shopping :)


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