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By Sanjana Chakraborty


Have you ever wondered even after investing a fortune in the perfect clothes, we somehow end up looking cut and dried regardless of how stylish those youtube videos portray us to be if you change the face of your wardrobe. Well, the trick lies in something much tinier than the yards of clothes.

Here’s a fact check, if clothes fall into the category of “Bride to Be”, accessories are the “Wing Women” without whom a wedding is incomplete.

Fashion accessories are the finishing touches that bring fresh energy to your budding wardrobe. Mastering this art can be stretchy but with a quotidian habit, it’s no brainer to get a hang of it.

Here are some quick ways to assist you from not ending up looking like an antique shop.

Invest Over the Best

Quality will always be a top priority over quantity. So, invest in pieces that will support your wardrobe ensembles for a long stretch beating the cycle of time. Opt for pieces that are weatherproof, durable and versatile to pair with.

~ Jewellery

// Holts

The gateway to awaken your unique personality. Rings, hoops, hand chains, necklaces, studs, all you need is some bling to transform a brunch day look to a nightclub party. Instead of bagging every kind of bangles, necklaces, chokers and chandelier earrings, go after classic subtle pieces that will add a quirky spark to your outfit.

~ Earrings

Pick thin diamond studs, small hoop earrings to style your work attire and switch it up with big hoops, studded statement earrings for the evening get up. Gold, silver or neutral shades are the colors to choose from for work attire and vice versa for night clubs.

~ Rings

How many of you adore Phoebe’s style in Friends? I guess the number will be many. One of the prime aspects of Phoebe’s signature style is rings and that’s where you should go to bring out your inner ring smith. But as bold as she is to don out a hundred pieces on her hand, we might take a step back before styling it in daily wear. Opt for thin gold, metallic or silver rings with elementary designs which go best with a professional setting. Switch it up with colorful cocktail rings for a night time outing. To master the art of balancing both casual and statement search for stacking, midi and signet styles.

~ Necklaces

Nothing can beat the versatility necklaces bring out in individuals. Boy or Girl with the right radius can make a style statement effortlessly. Delicate gold chains hooked with graceful pendants will draw attention to your beautiful collarbones whereas Y necklines will do the visual trick of elongating your neck if you have broad shoulders. For an edgy look pull on chokers with silk V line outfits. For a rugged look, sort out thick radius metal chains and rings.

~ Bracelets

This hand accouterment is shipped as a style enhancer. If you want to add some individualism, style a cuff or chain bracelet with charms to make it more personalized. Hand pick a cheerful hue to infuse some vibrancy.

~ Diamonds and Pearls

These are the accessories that bring out royalty in a person. With the capricious trend these have also evolved over the years. Opt for uncomplicated designs to showcase the subtle charm in you. For an on trend look try out gold hoops with pearls, diamond or pearl studded chain necklaces or bracelets or diamond chokers.

~ Belts

// H&D

Belts can be a great way to enhance your silhouette. Leather, thin, broad, minimal, statement, pick whatever suits your waistline. If you feel confused, start with basic black and brown belts to style your go-to's and cinch up your dresses. To bring drama and vibrancy in your outfit, select belts with animal prints or belts with big geometric boggles. To give an illusion of hourglass opt for wide belts and pair it up with your flowy femme dresses or tanks and tees for a holiday vibe.

~ Bags

For laid back casual looks, go for shoulder sling bags, boho bags, bucket bags or crossbody bags. Mix and match vibrant hues with your monochromes to add a splash of color to your overalls. Select embellishments, metallic chains, quality stitches for a fancy night in the town. For office wear seek satchels, well built totes or backpacks with metal detailing. For a casual outlook embrace canvas or totes with nylon zippers.

~ Hair Accessories

Bows, Clips, Barrettes, Head Bands, Scarves - hair accessories provide a wide range of variety to choose from. Keep surfing styles till you find your hair’s true best friend. To talk about trends, barrettes are roaring loud on the runway at present. Flat or frizzy they can instantly level up your look with just a twist of hair.

~ Caps And Hats

// C4B

In the near future, these accessories will fall into the category of essential style enhancer. Be it keeping your most important organ snuggly or making the ultimate style statement. Caps and Hats bring added interest to your every outfit. Cold weather - Cozy Styles - Fancy Event go for beret, newsboy caps, woolen fedora. For low keys, collect bucket hats, wool beanie or hats with simple bows and belts. Opt for baseball caps, trilby, fedora, panama, visor or a straw floppy hat to strike out fancy in summer.

~ Watches

Watches are the trendiest and most resourceful accessory ever made. To make a serious style statement play with materials, bands and shapes depending on your aesthetic. Don Classic bracelet watches for a weekend look. Dual tone chains will draw visuals to your metallic accessories. For a futuristic edge, chase after sleek smart watches. Replace plastic bands with tasteful metallic styles to air your fancier side.

~ Sunglasses

A sizzling pair of sunglasses can bring out a whole new personality in you. To flatter your face shape, choose classic wayfarers, aviators and geometric styles. Plump for darker shades and funky prints to add more modernicity.

~ Nails

Nails are the natural accessory that people are born with.YES ! Nails can be your best friend if you want to top the accessory list. Put on trendy polish or get a manicure. For the office, pitch on colors with subtle shades. For a fashion forward look, choose a bold manicure with ultra long manicure studded with embellishments to command attention.


At The Narration, we style our clothes with some statement jewelry pieces, different types of shoes, hats, belts, and bags to show the versatility of our ensembles. We feel it’s vital to show how accessorizing can change the look completely and increase the wearability of our geometrically paneled ensembles that our customers invest in. Here is an example to show how we have styled our gold organza top and high waist flared black pants with different types of jewelry pieces, bags, and shoes to show the versatile nature of the ensemble.

~ Shoes

// Nike

Last but not the least, your feet are your best friend. We cannot press over the fact that how essential shoes are in forwarding your style. They can elevate any we repeat “ANY LOOK” of yours in just a snap of your fingers. We have a whole article about the essentiality shoes carry in rising styles. Check it out now for in - depth details to completely ace the game of accessories.

Will meet again,


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