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What Will Damsel Buy?

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

By Kunj Thakrar


Have you ever felt like you have already shopped a lot and yet missed out on the items which you SHOULD have bought but didn’t and then you feel like buying them so that you don’t miss out on that trend before it fades away? At the end, you wind up buying more than you actually need while rest of the pieces remain unused.

This time we have come up with the youth essentials and styling ideas to prevent you from impulsive shopping. First we will discuss about one of the great ways to style your clothing and then we will move to what to style/buy.

I. High Low Mixing

High-low dressing is the deliberate mixing of smart with casual. This doesn’t have to be as extreme as a tuxedo with a pair of flip-flops (in fact, please make sure that never happens) but it can be a little more divisive than a blazer with jeans. “High-low dressing is the more fun approach of splitting it half and half.”

There are several ways in which you can go High low. To mention a few:

  • Odd out chic among the cheaps

A very easy way to add value to your look is by styling regular items of clothing with one piece which is the statement and mostly (more expensive) that becomes crown of the look.

Shimmery bag and shoes are giving an edge

  • Try to invest in classics

The reason to do so is that there are a million ways to style classics while funky clothing have limited area of styling.

Sporty+ classy = hoodie+ blazer+ shoes

  • Color blocking and timeless patterns rule

  • Natural fibers ‘always’

While this turns up as the most interesting way to style your look never forget that the golden rule of style is to look ‘Effortless’.

II. Joyful expression

As the 2020 sun has set 2021 has stepped up as the year of hope. Keep yourselves and your health cheered up with colorful pieces blended with joyous hues from the wheel.

You can always look for attractive color blocking in paneled garments to give a push to your good mood days.

III. Minimalism

The minimalist subculture has never gone down since the time it grew. This year again, due to the rise in loungewear and work-leisure clothing, minimalism has rooted itself into every wardrobe. Go effortless with: color blocked neutrals and subtle details like quilting, oversizing and usage of functional details like belts and cargo pockets.

IV. Co-ords

Co-ords have reached hero status in recent seasons, emerging as a key item in cozy jersey and knitted iterations and also having shown growth across social media and on the catwalk.

V. Smart graphics

VI. Cottage Core

Cottagecore is an Internet fashion aesthetic, also described by some sources as a Generation Z subculture, that celebrates an idealized rural life. It values traditional skills and crafts such as foraging, baking, and pottery. To put in simpler words, it's a romanticized idea of living in the countryside and all the aesthetics that go with it. Among the details that fall into this category, we have shortlisted a few highlights of this year.

  • Corsets

  • Smocking

  • Crochet

To sum up, we have understood that

  • Go high low for edgy mood

  • Feeling lazy? Answer: Minimalism

  • Joyful color blocking for good mood day

  • Satisfy your feminine fantasy with cottage core

Now that we have helped you with your shopping itinerary, we would like you to give one last tip: No matter what you wear, the most important thing is how confidently you pull the look. SO READY SET SHOP!

Until next time!



*All imagery has been sourced from WGSN*

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