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7 Keys To Color-Block Your Outfits

By Sanjana Chakraborty


Hello colorful people, have you read our last two articles on color blocking and gathered the necessary details for your summer color palette? As promised, here are the 7 colorful keys to make your summer outfits more vibrant, lively and entrancing just like your personality.

KEY 1 - While pairing complementary colors, keep either one of the color saturation low. Let’s say if you are using a shade of red, pair it up with tints and tones of green like dark green teal or emerald green. This will bring more subtleness to your outfits.

KEY 2 - When pairing up two bright complementary colors, use either one of the colors in greater proportion than the other. Let’s say you want to wear bright colors without using shades or tints of the actual color, then go for a dress which has unequal proportions of hues like a bright orange dress with blue detailing or a bright blue dress with orange hemlines. This will create a more appealing effect to your overall outfit.

Key 3 - Another great way to make your outfit more pleasing to the eyes is by opting monochromatic schemes. Choose one solid color and blend it up with its tints, tones and shades of it. Let’s say you are choosing red color so the outfit of yours will slowly proceed towards the lighter shade of pink or darker shade of red giving an ombre effect to your outfit. This doesn’t mean that from now on you need to survive on ombre outfits, you can always pair up a deep red lehenga with tints of pink dupatta.

Key 4 - While choosing analogous colors always remember that these colors look more effective in dark, deep or bright colors. To pop out pastel hues of analogous colors, mix and match different color pastel shades.

Key 5 - Go for the golden thumb rule: no more than three colors in your outfit, that’s a game changer. While choosing outfits from triad colors remember to play with the tints, tones, and shades of the colors.

Key 6 - The neutrals: black, white and grey are classics. They are well suited with all the colors of the color wheel including their tints, tones and shades. However to level up your neutrals, pair up a grey piece with a charcoal grey piece or white with beige to create a more subdued effect. Another way to make your outfit more soothing to the eyes is by pairing up a neutral with tints, tones or shades of a color like white with baby pink or black with maroon.

Key 7 - Follow the same rule while pairing metal colors: gold, silver, and copper. To create a more subduing effect on your silver pieces, pair it up with light pastel colors and pair your golden or copper colors with darker shades for a bold effect. This is not a rule, you can always mix and match to make your own unique outfit.

Following and applying the above mentioned fashion keys will definitely glam up your charm during the summer parties crowd or your everyday runway. Although these are not the only rules, you can always try to mix and match to create your own rule and bring life to the colorful vibe of yours.

Happy Weekend!


Sanjana Chakraborty

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1 Comment

Like A Diva UK
Like A Diva UK
Feb 14, 2022

This site has given me and my expertise a completely new perspective about Indian dresses . Thank you so much, and I appreciate having a wonderful mind like yours.

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