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A Pandemic Fashion - Part IV

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

A dive into the virtual world by Chandana Biswas


It's like swimming, either you can land a perfectly smooth dive or struggle through it. Life is like swimming! Sometimes you are free styling, sometimes diving, sometimes making butterfly strokes! So, change is a part of life that we all have to accept, just like changing the style and strokes when you are trying to survive in an ocean.

The biggest change during this global economic shock has been a jump into the pool of a long awaiting digital space. As the virus spread globally and being outdoors was restricted, everything has taken a toll on the digital platform by staying indoors.

// The Narration // E-commerce Website

As retail stores started closing down as a result of safety measures, fashion brands have gone fully e-commerce, letting you shop from the comfort of your home and then either a drive-through pickup or the products are home delivered. It is better, faster, and cheaper. More focus has been brought up to the online website, social media, and any other interactive platform, may it be their design to theme and layout to having a virtual trial room to face-scanning options for beauty brands.

Here, at The Narration, we have introduced e-gift cards with which you can easily shop or gift to a friend without having to step out of your home.

// The Narration // E-gift Cards

Fashion weeks are digital now, no people at fashion shows is the new normal, models

showcasing wearing the silhouettes are live-streamed. So you can be in your pj's, with no makeup, popcorn in hands, lying on the bed enjoying Chanel's fashion show, which can be watched from any digital platform. Exhibitions and pop-ups being a great source of income and marketing for the brands, since everything got canceled, they have moved to our screens giving rise to virtual pop-ups and exhibitions.

Zoom and Skype calls are the new normal ways of conducting meetings or having classes for students. Designers are showcasing their collections by scheduling one-on-one appointments with their clients on Zoom. Tutorials are the new classrooms. Many have suffered because of their lacking of digital know-how. Whereas at the starting, Vogue photoshoots were done by the models/celebrities by themselves in their own houses, as months went by, virtual shoots emerged where models and photographers have a new understanding of photoshoots where the models have to do most of the work, move around, keep giving poses and keep the camera and frame in mind whereas the photographers have little to do!

// Adult Akech, Lily Nova and Bella Hadid pose in virtual shoots.

// Pictures: Instagram, Vogue Australia

To summarise our Pandemic Fashion series, practice more sustainable and ethical living, stay in your pj’s, and if you can conquer the digital world and its ways during these months, you will come out as in a position of strength post-pandemic.

Hope you are well, safe, and exploring all the virtual ways of living.



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