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A Pandemic Fashion - Part I

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

A step towards a better world by Chandana Biswas


Yeah, you guessed it right! Like the world is going through a pandemic right now, fashion trend spreads faster than that, it always has been!

As we keep on being stuck in our homes, it has given everyone enough time to think over things. How we have polluted and taken advantage of Nature, the environment, it's natural resources and the list goes on and on!

And when I say, "things to think over" let's reflect back upon the first months of the quarantine when most of humankind stayed back and let Nature enjoy itself for some time. It resulted in a pollution-free & cleaner atmosphere. Not only did nature started blooming but the wildlife could breathe a breath of fresh air again. And so and so even the ozone layer started mending itself! Can you believe it?

The downtown Phoenix skyline is easier to see, April 7, 2020, as fewer motorists in Arizona are driving, following the state stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus, and it appears to be improving the air quality - Ross D. Franklin/AP

An aerial view shows MacArthur Park and downtown in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, on April 15, 2020, in Los Angeles - Mario Tama/Getty Images

Okay, alright, I will just give you some time to digest the fact that after we have been torturing Mother Earth for decades now, the only remedy it needed was to be left alone for a few days as we all need some time and private space for ourselves.

So, on the topic of reflection, we also started contemplating how the fashion industry contributes to this polluting environment. After all, it's the second-largest polluting industry in the world. Take off that grin from your face "Fashion", you aren't winning any race here!

Being at our houses, with limited resources, we have gotten creative. DIY's (Do it yourself) has given rise to recycling, repurposing, deconstruction, upcycling, and even zero-waste as the scraps are used to make all kinds of masks now! Starting from DIY videos, to upcycling, to styling and consuming consciously, you can find all in the social media now. Due to this drive towards the digital world, campaigns such as #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal  #supportartisans has gotten more exposure than usual.

At 'The Narration', we recycled our remaining fabric pieces from the last two collections into these beautiful pieces.

As fashion is going through a phase of need-basis now, it has showered some light upon slow-fashion. Consumers aren't interested in seasonal collections anymore. They are more into comfortable clothing, where the synthetic fabrics don't make the cut. As a result, the shift in consumer behavior is giving rise to a greener and fairer future.

Here, in The Narration family, we took this opportunity to look back upon our brand ethics and principles. We are contributing by not launching many new designs but using the old stock, giving our family styling ideas of showcasing different ways you can wear a particular piece.

Hope you all are safe & staying home, and taking proper safety precautions while stepping out.

Much Love,


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