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A Pandemic Fashion - Part II

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

An understanding with comfort by Chandana Biswas


Confused? Let me clear things up! As you are reading through this article, you are probably in your soft, comfy, cotton pajamas munching on some snacks at the comfort of your home.

As the days are going by, one after the other, we are putting away our heavy, voluminous, Avant-garde pieces at the back of our wardrobe, while reaching for our worn-out tees, biker shorts, tracksuits to cozy loungewear. 

Work from home with scheduled zoom meetings has given rise to the half & half looks which are becoming some social phenomena. So we try and wear a face of makeup with an ironed shirt while wearing loose sweatpants with slippers from the waist down. Basic clothing with practicality, comfort, casual, sporty, and activewear has taken over the market. According to Google Trends, searches for loungewear increased 1,300% from early March to mid-April.

Summer Collection // The Narration

Many have decided to tackle this boredom of staying indoors by taking up new hobbies or just visiting the good old ones! From cooking, drawing, singing, dancing to being active, and meeting those #fitnessgoals. Making its way through are workout videos all over social media as consumers are more interested in health, hygiene, and wellness.

At The Narration, our founder, Namrata cooked a lot of healthy dishes for her well-being and created creative flat lay compositions of all her meals to grow her brand’s creative photography and styling portfolio.

Food Photography // Namrata Kalani

The desire to stay healthy has also affected the beauty industry as the shift in consumer behavior shows that the skincare products are booming while make-up products are losing their touch. Going hand-in-hand with sustainability, consumers are shifting their purchases towards vegan, cruelty-free skincare to organic, upcycled, comfortable, ethically-made clothing. It is not only the way forward but also taking that age-old nostalgic technique along with it. A return to basics- pieces being minimal t-shirts, button-downs to organic cotton, linen, khadi as fabrics to hand-weaving, embroidery techniques, a look back to our roots.

The Narration provides you with timeless pieces, from color-blocked button-down's, satin shrugs, A-line dresses, to paneled tops which you can easily showcase at those house parties to being on a zoom call, as well as dress it up instantly if you are stepping out for some groceries!

Evening Collection // The Narration

So stay home, take proper safety precautions, and keep lounging in your loungewear!

Loads of love,


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