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Colors and shapes, the essence of The Narration

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Written by Padmini Singh


Just like a bouquet of flowers arranged in a beautiful vase, it makes me think of how shapes and colors play a huge role in the designing process. These two elements come together to give us our brand ‘The Narration’. It is an extension of the core of fashion elements with our perception of details. The simplest form of design transformed into something beautiful on a woman’s figure accentuating her specific areas of the body.

Colors, as we speak of it sets the mood for anything and everything. It makes or breaks a person’s look. A red dress would make a bold statement whereas a neutral attire can give a subtle elegance. Colors are the main element in our designs, aesthetically placed color stories speak for the classy woman. Every color directs the design process in a certain manner. Our Summer 2019 Collection was a blend of neutral colors and interesting mix of chic and subtle styles in subdued colors whereas our Winter Collection 2019 is extremely bold doing our theme ‘Aquarian Winter’ justice with colors like blues, blacks, dark greens and wine with a twist of neutrals. The designs in this collection represent the Aquarius zodiac in celebration of our founder’s birthday to add that personal touch.

Generally, one element of fashion dominates the other like the color board defines our collection more than the designs themselves, the tool that colors is the main source of inspiration as we play with solid colors which are very specific to The Narration. Colors define a season, mood, occasion, and personality of anyone and everyone.

Shapes and lines play a major role as it defines the form and detailing like paneling and piping in the garment. Uncomplicated lines without curves running in our design create the pattern which is the core essence of The Narration. What sets us apart is our style and approach are precise and to the point, focused on a woman’s simple and modest aspect of her personality defined by the symmetrical seams, pintucks, color blocking, layering, and geometrical paneling. The blend for office wear or a casual hangout with friends where the personality speaks for herself.

Created in luxurious fabrics and tailored in custom sizes, our pieces can add a different flavor in a woman’s closet. The Narration narrates what a basic element can do with a specific set of design concepts. The goal is to channel the inner narration of the stories that we tell ourselves. To get in touch with our feminine roots which is pure and simple.

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