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How Geometric Shapes Enhance Your Looks?

By Sanjana Chakraborty


Maths is the subject for which I used to carry a cross with me every time there’s a maths test. Nonetheless geometry too haunts me always as a kid and if you also belong to that group, high five to you too!

Well, though you never couldn’t impress your maths teacher, you would certainly steal every glance of your crush by incorporating those semicircles, trapezoids, diamonds, trefoil, quatrefoil, rhombus, rectangles, squares and all other kinds of geometric shapes in your fashion plate because geometry in fashion will never make you outdated.

Geometric fashion is usually worn as a standalone piece or by blending it with varied shapes. It works as the foundation piece based on which the whole garment is crafted and draped. Designers also blend two different fabrics of different shapes to give the ensemble a modern unusual touch.

Geometric panelling enhances your features by not overpowering your outfit when styled right. It also draws attention to a particular aspect of your outfit.

Shapes like vertical stripes add length to silhouettes and shapes like diagonals create a flattering curvy effect to your overall outfit. Horizontal stripes can be very tricky to style. Avoid adorning them in heavy areas as that will create a more wider look.

Design Variations worn over necklines , sleeves and hemlines enhance your physique making you look more flattering and also draw attention to a particular aspect of the dress.

Bold solid color geometric prints and cuts paired with minimal one tone items give a classy edgy look.

Summer styles can also be opted through geometric fashion as they add maximum flair with minimum drama keeping it subtle and breezy at the same time.

Formal attires can also be modernized including geometrical styles to your monochrome outfits. Horizontal stripes are preferred in most of the work space as diagonal gives a more casual effect than formal.

From the ancient Greek pottery artist to the renowned Pablo Picasso or skillful fashion designers like Mary Quant many reinvented and turned their piece of art into a striking masterpiece using geometry and the designers too answered their inner geometer in different fields when 2020 swept in.

It's your turn now to lean towards the boldness and add some dimensions to your wardrobe.

Until Next time!


Sanjana Chakraborty

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