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How To Style Geometric Fashion?

By Sanjana Chakraborty


Hello there,

With your newfound knowledge from my previous articles, I know your inner fashionista is screaming now to mix and match up those patterns to add a new twist to your upcoming year and I admit styling geometric fashion can be really tricky but no worries with a good lesson you will be all set to turn heads. Here are few ideas to get you golden -


Vertical stripes works as a boon to add length to your physique. For wider hips wear vertical stripes on the top and not on the bottom. Petite women can add length to their silhouette by incorporating vertical over vertical however tall women can play around with heavy geometric patterns. Formal attires infused with vertical stripes look extremely modernized and exotic without jeopardizing dress codes.


Asymmetrical designs in dresses and bottoms creates an arty effect to ordinary outfits. Asymmetric designs can be opted over tunics, paired with tights or skinny jeans and can be used as layering. Apparels inspired from varied shapes like geo-printed poncho, cardigans and winter wear can also make you the show stealer of the event. Asymmetrical necklines and hemlines will be a great addition to flatter bulky physique.

// Showpo // WWD


To make your geometric patterned bottoms stand out, opt for plain solid color tops or bold hues to balance out your overall outfit while keeping it vogue.


Just like blending up the right ingredients will give you a great smoothie to refresh your mind, blending up the right patterns and shapes will give your outfit a modern retouch. Two different shapes like triangles with octagons prints and other varied geometrical prints can be mixed and matched and to pull it off in a single piece, geo-prints can be opted on your favorite romper or hoodies too.

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Don't limit your newfound geometrical knowledge to clothes only. Add geometry to your bags, shoes, and fine accessories too. Keep in mind not to overdo it as that can make your outfit too busy. Add geo style earrings to your go-to outfit to create a sense of new dimension. Add structured solid color bags to your monochrome outfits to add a splash of color to it. Go for pointed heels which showcase your instep arch to add more classiness to your silhouette.

Browse off the internet and dig out every information you need to know to make your inner geo style inspired diva shine.

I'll meet you in my next article again!

Till then keep exploring, keep trying and keep surprising your inner artist.


Sanjana Chakraborty

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