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It's All About Fashionometry

By Sanjana Chakraborty


When you are passionate about something, inspiration can come even from the most unusual place too and the fashion industry is the best example to elucidate this. Designers used to take inspiration from architectural buildings to create and design clothing outlines. In 2013, designers blended the intricacy of motif and shapes for new design incorporation reducing the clothing cycle lead time and changed the face of “FAST FASHION”.

In 2015, geometric shapes took over the international runways and we saw it when Natasha Nischol and Anamika Khanna decoded “sculpt” covering center stage at Lakme Fashion Week 2015 styling the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor. Her collection was packed with structured drapes with bold and soft hues designed and decorated with zardosi work and metallic work embroideries.

During this time, our founder, Namrata Kalani was in the final year (2014-2015) of her fashion design course and she was fascinated by geometric panelling and color-blocking. She studied geometric shapes and colors and researched their evolution in different eras and countries as her specialization. After researching and experimenting the whole year, her final collection ‘Neoteric Delicacy’ had a collection of geometrically paneled and color-blocked ensembles, and her inspiration was ‘The Architecture of London City’. She was so inspired by this style that she worked towards her own brand ‘The Narration’ to showcase her distinct style and give her customers something unique which is beautifully handcrafted and detail oriented.

// Namrata Kalani / Graduation Collection 2015

Geometric Shapes inspired fashion consists of many shapes, and each shape has a different meaning to portray with an inner psychology meaning to it.

Geometric Fashion has a wide range of variety to complement your unique body type. Explore and find your style.

Stay safe and take care!



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