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Trends To Rule Next

By Kunj Thakrar


Hello Beauties!

Want to buy something with a statement but don't know what to buy? I know...

Every time we think of shopping, we end up with questions like will it look good? What is in trend? For how long will I be able to wear it? Should I invest this much on this? Let us help you this time with your wardrobe!

We will be talking about what’s coming up in fashion that you have to buy before others do. For that we want you to get an insight on trends coming up in following categories -

Silhouettes, Prints, and Colors


Balance season-less practicality with newness, as the desire to dress up and celebrate a post-pandemic world builds.

Cutouts A detail that has been bubbling under for a while, cutouts return in full force, in line with the desire for a sassier aesthetic following months dominated by hoodies, sweatpants and volume silhouettes. You may try looking for cutouts in body-con dresses, Nu lounge basics, simple knits and sweats and summer dresses.



Work Leisure Trend

People have started to appreciate comfortable and breezy formals and in turn this has incorporated a wider variety of fabrics in the formal wear section This has given birth to a new category of formals called work-leisure. So look for soft belts, concealed drawstrings, elasticated waists and gathers, and soft pleats for tailoring, shirts, trousers and dresses.


Pattern Play Fabric manipulation, knotting, draping and innovative cutting offer a fashion-led direction for simple silhouettes and classic pieces, as well as versatility appeal.



SHORT TERM TRENDS Scrunched Drawing inspiration from accessories, from humble scrunchies, elastic gathers have paved their way to the dimension of clothing. Sculptural forms on shoulders and back placements make a statement (preferred for evening wear), while subtle straps offer a more accessible option.



Outsized Wanna stand out? Go oversized! Explore oversized proportions for details that make a fashion-led statement, elevating minimal silhouettes and core items. These will give a bold touch to your personal style.


Peplum Yes, you heard it right! Peplums are back to spread their feminine charm in fashion.


Double Layered Double-layered and mock-layered silhouettes add depth and design interest to core basics. Asymmetric designs propel the look forward, tapping into catwalk-led looks and is an aesthetic that is getting traction across social media – for the contemporary and younger market.



Bright Basics

Preppy and collegiate influences move checks and stripes on from traditional staples to mood-boosting basics. Update year-round core items with pops of color and play with clashing prints that can be used to repurpose dead stock in limited-edition colorways. These are perennial core items worth your money.




Color has been a go-to for designers as always. From #alldayactive pieces to comfortable jersey tops and sweats, color blocking remains a popular route for introducing color and reinventing core styles. Try something a bit different with #halfandhalf knitwear that works color in #spliced panels through the centre front, back or side seams, as seen at Folk Made.

So, this is pretty much the fashion gist for the upcoming time. I hope that we have helped you gain a little perspective over what to buy and for how long will you be able to enjoy it. We will keep being the caretakers of your wardrobe until then stay safe!



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